i bought the first three tomb raider games then drew this scene from the fifth game because 


shiikun23 asked:
May I ask what app this is?

its called SketchBook Mobile Express in the google play store. its got… 6 brushes, text tool, fill bucket… and symmetric drawing? i havent tried that yet. Theres up to three layers with opacity control, zooms in pretty close, the color wheel is nice, and you can customize swatches.

i drew this at work

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ok i downloaded a sketch app on my phone

#supportboysincroptops and some sorta fancy sam

Everybody’s doing the color palette meme but my sister still has my laptop she borrowed threeeeee weeks ago 9_6 guh

Me the whole time I’m drawing:

==> so many positive comments???

aahhh thanks you guys!!!

k thats all the entries i got for now. as always, still a lil behind


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Day 15: more bizarre coloring and also this unlucky couple. sucks for Kitty that Johnny gets to have a relatively human palette but she’s frickin blue and green with red eyes.

Day 14: those guys who wear white and more perspective stuff


Day 12: sort of messed up humor about Death



Day 13: When the Fentons moved into the neighborhood during the end of Danny and Jazz’s childhood and the trio all met.

Also: brushing up on perspective but refusing to look for a ruler

Day 12: sort of messed up humor about Death

Dayyy 11! MOMs or the other headcanon that Mrs. Manson is the one who dyes her hair rather than Sam. 

Day 10: Spectraaaaaaaa